Reading “Into the Darkest Corner” by Elizabeth Haynes with my cat, Lyon. This book is a psychological thriller that gives a really gritty insight into OCD and abusive relationships. This book is amazing so far. Haynes makes you really feel for the MC Cathy as she struggles with her OCD and fears after she is attacked by her abusive boyfriend Lee. Its to the point where even I was feeling anxious and scared reading her go through her ‘checks’. As we watch her slowly get better (so far! I’m not finished yet but I’m praying she continues on the path to recovery) we are, at the same time, getting to see how her relationship with Lee started and progressed. That in its self is heart breaking because as the reader we know already Lee is a monster and we see the signs of it where poor Cathy tries to ignore it. This book really has me hooked and I need to know what happens.


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