I Have OCD and I’m Totally NOT Okay With The Target Christmas Sweater • https://OCDus.wordpress.com/2015/11/21/i-have-ocd-and-im-totally-not-okay-with-the-target-christmas-sweater/ • @adamjgon

We have entered into a new era, the age of “The #MentalHealthMovement.”

As with every beginning, we face new and colossal challenges. The road ahead will not be easy but hard fought by Mental Health Advocates everywhere. During this struggle, I believe it will take 20+ years before we will be acknowledge as equals among the populace. Until then, we must declare war on all forms of stigma.

During my studies at UCLA, I learned about the early civil rights movement during the 20th century and I noticed a universal pattern of finding a few like-minded individuals who pool their resources together and challenge the status quo. By doing this, the disenfranchised go from being a single brick to a wall strengthened by the mortar of tolerance and wisdom.

As we begin to coalesce, our voices will become stronger and spreading our message will become increasingly easier. Never before in human history have we been able to communicate with so many by utilizing so little resources. That is why @BipolarUs @ptsdUS @OCDus is light years ahead of other Mental Health accounts because I understood that social media is an invaluable tool that prevents us from being completely ignored by the media and corporations with a lack empathy.

Recently, we have been treated harshly by our opposition (which includes some of our own people) who simply state that we should just “move on” or “concentrate on larger issues like homelessness and incarcerations,” but am I not already concentrating on the larger issue?

How many people end up homeless or in prison because of untreated mental disorders? The Mental Health Movement is a major issue for our time and I will not allocate resources to other causes because that would cause me to spend less time at my post which I hold dear; I’m exactly where I should me. Plus, when a section of my People are continually wronged, then it’s my duty to speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves.

That is why @Target has provided us with a tremendous opportunity. The more they trample on our hides, the greater our resolve will be to expose them as a corporation that is unsympathetic to the plight of %25 of their customer base. They are the catalyst which has forced us to challenge the status quo.

For some, we look like a network hell bent on political correctness but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve lived through PC times during the 90’s and I hated it back then, and I dislike it now but how do we determine what can be considered PC or not PC?

If you don’t suffer from a mental disorder, then for a brief moment imagine that you have been diagnosed with Bipolar 1 Disorder, OCD and a history of PTSD since 2007. Are you able to imagine the terrible thoughts in your head? Can you picture that one day when you almost committed suicide? Can you feel the havoc of trying to be perfect as if it were some sort of religion? Are you terrified that perhaps you might get into a fight one day and become psychotic? Do you feel those racing thoughts in your head that you can’t control? How does it feel to be unable to tell your co-workers or friends that you have a mental illness for fear that they might reject you? How do you like struggling with sanity for your entire life and then you suddenly come across an ugly Christmas sweater that just rubs you the wrong way. That’s all it took, that’s why I’m standing now and I’ll continue to stand until breath no longer controls my being.

Thus, we are fully justified in believing that this shirt is offensive and if you don’t suffer from a mental illness, then you should at least believe in good taste. “Obsessive Christmas Disorder” isn’t even clever, it’s kinda lame and @Target will continue to sell this item until they decide to be on the right side of history.

I’m prepared to continue with my siege until 26DEC15, will you join me?
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