This is a film about OCD and trichotillomania done by some people from my old school, and it’s really well done.  It has the potential to be triggering, as it contains a storyline about having these disorders as well as a storyline about inheriting them from family members.  However, I would definitely recommend watching it if you’re up for it!


Watching PBS because most of our channels are now unavailable because we’re having to convert to digital cable (which is now mandatory).

But I can watch PBS, This documentary is amazing POINT AND SHOOT by Matthew VanDyke an only child who suffered from phobias, OCD, agoraphobia, he went walkabout, went to be a cheap photojournalist in Iraq & Afghanistan because nobody wanted that dangerous job.

In his world trek he met a Libyan peace loving hippie in Africa, he eventually went To Libya, made friends for the first real time in his life. he came home to America, and the Gaddafi stuff began, and he went back to Libya.
He went into innumerable dangers, joined the revolution…

And that’s where I’m at the moment.

So far I’m enthralled! I’m terrified. I’m incredibly fascinated.



Beat OCD Tip #5 – Fight Compulsions not Obsessions

VERY helpful video! Regardless of whether your obsessions/compulsions are physically or mentally based, at the end of the day your brain wants to help you. That is why it keeps bringing up the things you fear. They are flagged as important and your brain is always checking to see if they are still a “danger.” ERP to reduce your anxiety will allow you to remove that flag from these thoughts and feelings, and learning to lessen your reaction or allow things to simply be will quite literally train your brain to focus on other, more important tasks, allowing you to gradually assimilate back into your everyday life. It’s a process. Check out this channel’s other videos for tips on combating OCD. Eating healthy and resting is a serious help too!